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Deliver paperless processes faster 

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PretaForm is a dynamic eform, data capture and automated workflow building platform. Using PretaForm, you can successfuly roll out:

  • Public eforms for data capture or surveys.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Web-based applications.

These can be used to deliver the following processes online:

  • Benefits applications
  • Registration forms/Registries
  • Field audits
  • Supply chain procedures
  • Reporting crimes online to the Police
  • Internal HR forms such as leave requests
  • Community outreach/customer contact us forms
  • Data capture for market analysis
  • Online apps/Responsive web-based apps for mobiles
  • Applications, including payment processing
  • eSurveys and questionnaires

PretaForm gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything they create will comply with the UK GDS design and accessibility principles and Australian DTO digital service standard. It’s easy to build in workflow and transaction capabilities to deliver intelligent online forms for government use with business logic for dynamic control and complex field validations.

Once your forms have been created you can:

  • Go live immediately.
  • Collect data via XML, CSV, PDF forms, secure email or a web-based portal.
  • Use your IT staff to integrate them into your backend systems.

PretaForm avoids getting bogged down in developing complex individual systems the old-fashioned way with hard code.

Build anything from simple eforms right through to end-to-end digital services

PretaForm offers a great deal of flexibility in the design of the forms. It's easy to build and amend visually in the editor with our drag and drop UI. Furthermore, in record time implement additional functionality that will transform a simple submission form into a full, end-to-end digital service. This could include:

  • Backend logins
  • Reports
  • Worklists
  • Custom workflow
  • PDF generation
  • Web-service calls, and more...

This also be done without the need to install any software locally and there is no need for deployments.

Accelerate even more.....

PretaForm allows repetitive business processes such as backend integrations or complex workflow to be built as point and click macros. No complex deployments, hosting or integrations are required. This makes form building that much more efficient.

PretaForm is specifically designed with progressive enhancement in mind. This means that it will still work on older browsers and low bandwidth internet connections, ie if javascript is unavailable or the computer has loading issues. It is designed to work well on all standard IOS and Android devices.

Some typical applications of PretaForm online forms

PretaForm for internal eforms and workflow

Replace your manual, paper-based processes with an online, paperless workflow system. Easily create intelligent workflow applications for each process, including data capture, required approvals, and business logic.

PRETAFORM FOR mobile data capture

Mobile data capture allows staff working remotely or on-site out to capture data on mobiles and tablets in real-time, rather than using cumbersome paper forms. By using electronic formats, data can be more accurately collected while attaching media such as videos and audio with time stamping and e-signatures. Immediate secure storage in the cloud then provides real time analysis.

PretaForm for GOV.UK & Gov.AU Digital Services

Our eform building tool allows rapid creation of digital forms that comply with the GDS and DTA Service standard and cloud security. Progressive enhancement is in-built, which is a mandatory GDS standard. Because PretaForm apps are not hard coded, in contrast to many digital services, themes can be designed to enforce any branding required and forms can be embed in any website. In accordance with the GDS and DTA design standards. the PretaGov theme works via one or two questions per page with a summary at the end. 

PretaForm for Local Government

PretaForm results in service focused online forms, easily and quickly. It allows multipage options, which can be based on business rules and user responses. As per best practice government digital design principles, Alpha versions can be developed ready for integration. Then modify the eforms easily to deliver continuous improvement in the service. PretaForm can integrate with online payments, CMS and CRM systems.

PretaForm for Hospital eforms

PretaForm makes it easy for hospitals to replace their outdated paper forms with feature-rich electronic forms that complies with Healthcare Interoperability Standards. Easily create an intelligent workflow applications for each process, including data capture, required approvals, and business logic. If you need a hand, PretaGov can also make the electronic documents for you.


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