PretaGov – Enablers of digital government

Implementing online services can help government and public sector organisations operate more efficiently, and save on scarce resources. PretaGov’s mission is to help government and public sector organisations to use low-code platforms that re-use software and cloud infrastructure to boost their efficiency and improve the value delivered to the public.

Government is pushing hard to move public services online. Efforts so far have used tremendous amounts of resources to customise, hard code and deploy software to dedicated servers, using an army of developers. To achieve complete digital government in this way would cost billions and take hundreds of years. There are not enough developers in the world to achieve this. PretaGov is focusing on developing low-code products to lead government out of this expensive quagmire to the digital future they are targeting.

We have helped more than 130 government clients in the UK and Australia to deliver great digital government. By using low-code technology and cloud-based solutions we are saving taxpayers’ money and improving public services. Our clients cover a range of departments, from Transport, Health and Emergency Services to Local Government. We stand ready to help your organisation move its services online rapidly and cost-effectively.

Low-risk, low-cost Software as a Service (SaaS) that’s fit for purpose

Low-risk, low-cost and fit for purpose is our mantra. We do this by using cutting edge open source and cloud technologies. PretaGov Plone SaaS is backed by the Plone Community who develop the core software and 1,000s of plug-ins. Plone has more than 340 core developers and 300 solution providers in 57 countries who compete with each other commercially but who also work together on the development of Plone.

No one company could ever hire such a large group of dynamic talent. This results in rapid innovation, quick bug fixes, a dynamic roadmap incorporating user feedback and a watertight security process based on community collaboration.

PretaGov’s founders bring IT expertise backed by sound business acumen

Our founders, Virginia and Dylan, have the ideal mix of vision, skills and experience to deliver citizen focused digital transformation:

Chief Executive Officer

Virginia has been working in ICT since graduating with an electrical engineering degree. After a successful career working for several large tech corporations and universities, she co-founded PretaGov.

Chief Technical Officer

Dylan started off his career as a senior software engineer at Lucent Bell Labs, Avaya and UBS. He graduated with an honours degree in computer science from UNSW.