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Safe guarding Digital Transformation with Unwavering Data Security and Privacy

In today's ever-evolving cybercrime landscape, data security and privacy have become paramount concerns for both government and private sector organizations. Founded in 2009, at PretaGov, we recognize the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive information in the digital realm. Our mission is to empower organizations with digital platforms that not only enhance efficiency but also ensure robust data protection.

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Years of software development




Transport, Health, Law Enforcement, NGOs, Emergency Services & more

Low-Risk, Low-Cost, Fit for Purpose: Our mantra revolves around providing low-risk, low-cost solutions that precisely meet your unique requirements. We achieve this by harnessing cutting-edge open-source and cloud technologies. View our technologies here.

PretaGov Plone SaaS, backed by the collaborative Plone Community, boasts a vast pool of core software developers and thousands of plugins. With a global network of over 340 core developers and 300 solution providers in 57 countries, Plone offers unparalleled expertise and collective intelligence.

Unparalleled Security and Collaboration: The collective efforts of the Plone Community ensure rapid innovation, swift bug fixes, and an agile roadmap that incorporates valuable user feedback. Our watertight security processes are the result of extensive community collaboration, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for your data. By leveraging the power of this collaborative network, we offer a secure, reliable, and future-proof solution for your digital transformation needs.

PretaGov can be easily procured using the NSW ICT Services Scheme and Queensland Government IT Contracting (GITC) Framework. More information can be found here.

PretaGov’s government and public authority clients in Australia can enjoy the speed and convenience of purchasing PretaGov products and services through:

It’s easy for you to register on the systems. Once registered, the frameworks will allow you to accelerate the IT procurement process and eliminate the hassle associated with traditional tendering processes.

The benefits of procuring through government frameworks

Doing business with PretaGov through the NSW ICT Services Scheme and Queensland Government IT Contracting (GITC) Framework offers government and public sector organisations the following benefits:

  • It is quicker, cheaper more efficient than traditional tendering.
  • You get the peace of mind of knowing that PretaGov have been pre-approved as a supplier by the relevant bodies.
  • It can eliminate the hassle of traditional tendering and shave valuable months off the process.
  • It facilitates dialogue with suppliers, so you can ask questions of us and discuss your precise requirements. As a result, we can provide a targeted proposal that exactly meets your needs.
  • It offers a large range of suppliers.
  • It is re-tendered regularly and therefore includes the latest services and suppliers.
  • You avoid hidden charges because prices, terms and services are provided up front.
  • There is no ‘lock-in’ – all services state up-front how you get in and out.
  • There is no need for contract negotiations. PretaGov has already signed a head agreement with NSW Procurement and Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation.

Using the NSW ICT Services Scheme in practice

If you haven’t used the government frameworks yet, you really should give them a go. It’s easy to get started, you simply:

  • Access the frameworks at NSW ICT Services Catalogue or Queensland CCIQ QAssure.
  • Enter a relevant search term, for example “CMS”, and search. A list of relevant offerings will be displayed.
  • Review the offerings and select those that broadly meet your criteria to develop a long list.
  • Review your selection in more detail and make a shortlist.
  • You can contact suppliers to ask questions, clarify your requirements and discuss their credentials.
  • Complete your evaluation and make a choice.
  • Complete the order form or framework contract
  • That’s it – you have just procured IT products or services quickly and cost-effectively!
PretaGov’s founders bring IT expertise backed by sound business acumen

Our founders, Virginia and Dylan, have the ideal mix of vision, skills and experience to deliver end user focused digital transformation:


Virginia Choyhas been working in ICT since graduating with an electrical engineering degree. After a successful tech career working for several large tech corporations and universities, she co-founded PretaGov.


Dylan Jay started off his career as a senior software engineer at Lucent Bell Labs, Avaya and UBS. He graduated with an honours degree in computer science from UNSW. He now leads the techncial team at PretaGov.