Vaultmatix for translation workflow: NSW MHCS

The Challenge
Multicultural Health Communications Service, faced a significant obstacle when it came to sharing large sensitive files with their stakeholders. MHCS needed to secure collaboration and sharing of large files between clients and translators. Existing off-the-shelf file sharing tools presented two critical challenges: compromised data security and unreliable email deliverability. MHCS recognized the need for a robust, solution built on Vaultmatix that could ensure both the confidentiality of sensitive and the seamless transmission of files.

The Solution
Developing a Secure File Sharing Platform MHCS embarked on a comprehensive development project to create a secure file sharing platform tailored to their specific requirements. The platform was designed to address the vulnerabilities present in generic file sharing tools, providing an advanced level of data protection while guaranteeing dependable delivery.

A collaboration workflow was built to allow stakeholders to share files and comment to improve the quality of the document which are mostly health information translations. Unlimited number of projects are created in secure workspaces for different sets of MHCS clients, and partner translators, each to collaborate on a various translation jobs.

Data Security at the Core
The development team focused on implementing stringent security measures from the ground up. The platform incorporated robust encryption algorithms to safeguard sensitive files during transit and at rest. User authentication and access controls were established to ensure that only authorized stakeholders could access the shared files.

Comprehensive security audits and penetration testing were conducted throughout the development process to identify and address any vulnerabilities, resulting in a rock-solid security framework.

Reliable Email Delivery
To overcome the challenge of unreliable email delivery, the platform integrated a sophisticated email delivery system. Advanced email infrastructure was put in place to optimize deliverability rates and prevent important communications from being lost or flagged as spam. The system employed various techniques, such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, to enhance email authentication and increase the chances of successful email delivery.

Seamless Collaboration and User Experience
In addition to robust security and reliable email delivery, the platform focused on providing a user-friendly experience for both MHCS and their stakeholders. The intuitive interface allowed users to easily upload, share, and access large files without any technical barriers.

A comprehensive notification system was implemented to keep all parties informed about file uploads, downloads, and any important updates, ensuring efficient collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Results and Benefits
The secure file sharing platform revolutionised the way MHCS and their stakeholders collaborated on sensitive projects. By leveraging a purpose-built solution, MHCS eliminated the risks associated with generic file sharing tools and regained control over data security. The platform's reliable email delivery ensured that crucial communications reached their intended recipients without any disruptions, strengthening stakeholder relationships and improving overall productivity.

Furthermore, the intuitive user experience enhanced engagement and adoption, resulting in increased efficiency and seamless collaboration across the organisation and their external stakeholders.