Centre for Genetics Education

Website to educate via online training and distribution and ordering of printed education material for the Centre for Genetics Education

About the Client

The Centre for Genetics Education provides health professionals with the skills and knowledge to manage the impact of genetic and genomic technologies on their practice. Their website is an invaluable tool for engaging with their stakeholders by providing extensive educational resources such as research publications, policies, guidelines and other information about this ever changing area of health.

The Challenges

Their previous website did not allow staff to upload and manage their own content. Requests to add documents or modify website content had to be submitted to the IT department which incurred a waiting time of days to sometimes weeks.

The site’s information architecture was not optimally designed to allow visitors to find information easily, nor was there an effective ability to search for content. The web design itself was dated.

The Genetics Education team were also frustrated with the lack of adequate on-going support for content management assistance and there was no one they could turn to for advice and future work on new features.

The Solution

The PretaGov Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Content Management System (CMS) solution for government was selected by Genetics Education for its value for money open source technology Plone, feature filled CMS, enterprise hosting and on-going support service.

PretaGov CMS SaaS provides Genetics Education with the:

  • Ability to manage and update its online content stress free – PretaGov Plone is an easy to use CMS for non-technical people.
  • Enterprise in-built search and advanced search categories:
    • Type of resource – audio, photographs, policies
    • Topic/category
    • Subtopic/subcategory/taxonomy/classification
  • Document repository – for their numerous research and teaching documents, which are in a private government cloud, guaranteed to be compliant with data sovereignty laws.
  • Comprehensive on-going support and consulting when needed for future work, backed by guaranteed responsive times formalised in a service level agreement.

Major Outcomes

Dynamic modern design, with fresh new branding and information architecture - The new website is far more visually appealing while targeting their stakeholders. A more logical and tested information architecture means visitors are no longer frustrated when navigating the site to find the information they want, aided by Plone’s enterprise search.

The ability to update the content when and where they want. – All staff including those who are non-technical can upload or modify new content easily to their time schedule whether at their office or any other location.

Freeing up time to focus on their core charter – using PretaGov CMS SaaS has enabled them to now focus on publishing the research and teaching content need by the health professionals they serve. They are releived of the worry of managing CMS software, infrastructure and hosting.

Visitors can find the information they want– The PretaGov Plone CMS comes in-built with a powerful enterprise search.