Low Code eForms & workflow : UK DWP

The Client

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is a United Kingdom government department of His Majesty's Government responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy.

Case Study: Empowering DWP's Digital Services with PretaForm

Understanding of the Requirement: The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sought a comprehensive solution to facilitate the in-house development of digital services for the conversion of manual paper based forms. The specified requirements include data collection and processing at Business Impact Level 3, knowledge of the Social Fund Budgeting Loans electronic prototype, adherence to GDS branding and style guide, Government Digital Service standards, accessibility compliance, high availability (99.95%), alignment with Cabinet Office’s 14 Cloud Security principles, ongoing support services, and broad cross-browser and device compatibility.
DWP were specifically looking for ways to digitise these forms with quicker iteractions and lower cost than their existing vendors or internal software development.

The Solution - PretaForm: PretaGov proposed PretaForm, an the ideal "off-the-shelf" form builder and low code workflow tool, for addressing DWP's digital service requirements. This versatile tool focuses on digitizing forms and automating workflows, empowering non-technical designers to create eForms. The key features of PretaForm align seamlessly with the specified needs of DWP.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Security and Compliance:

    • PretaForm ensures data security at the equivalent of OFFICIAL level, meeting the requirements of Business Impact Level 3.
    • Designed for the UK Public Sector, PretaForm adheres to all UK security, policy, and legal requirements, including the Cabinet Office’s Cloud Implementation Security Principles.
  2. Accessibility and Design Flexibility:

    • PretaForm complies with the Disability Discrimination Act (WCAG L2 AA), ensuring accessibility for all users.
    • The flexible layout of forms allows easy adjustments over time, and themes provided are Government Digital Service Standards compliant.
  3. User-Friendly Interface and Training:

    • Non-technical DWP staff can easily create and modify forms using PretaForms, reducing dependence on specialized technical expertise.
    • Staff training can be accomplished in a one- or two-day session, empowering internal teams to harness the full potential of the tool.
  4. Adaptability and Customization:

    • PretaForm offers adaptability through easy theme adjustments and the creation of custom themes based on specific DWP requirements.
    • Internal staff can implement more technical functionalities such as backend logins, reports, worklists, custom workflows, PDF generation, and web-service calls.
  5. No Vendor Lock-In:

    • DWP remains free from vendor lock-in, as internal staff can modify forms, implement technical requirements, and explore advanced functionalities independently.

Conclusion: PretaForm stands out as a comprehensive solution, tailored to meet the intricate requirements of the DWP. By leveraging its off-the-shelf capabilities, security features, accessibility compliance, and user-friendly design, PretaForm empowers DWP to create, modify, and manage digital forms with ease. thus delivering essential social payments efficiently where it's urgently needed.

The tool aligns with the GDS standards, ensuring a seamless integration into DWP's digital landscape. With its adaptability and comprehensive training options, PretaForms not only addresses current needs but also provides a foundation for future advancements in DWP's digital services.