Are you facing issues with your current CMS?

These are the top reasons our customers decide to upgrade

Security Vulnerabilities

Our current CMS is increasingly prone to security breaches or is no longer within security support. With cyber threats evolving, our outdated system lacks the necessary defenses to protect sensitive data.

Limited Scalability and Flexibility

Our current CMS is not scalable and lacks the flexibility needed to support our growing business needs and new initiatives. It struggles to handle increased traffic and content volume. Getting changes requires slow and expensive development resources.

Cumbersome content editing

Our current CMS makes content editing challenging and time-consuming due to a cumbersome or poorly developed CMS. It's difficult to create and manage content, leading to a subpar and inefficient user experience.

Why Upgrade to a Headless CMS

We help you decide the best fit for your organisation

Single CMS for many sites

Omichannel means you can reuse content across apps and sites, or have many sites backed by the same CMS. Integrating apps into your site becoomes easier through the use of standard frontend technology.

Editor experience

We specialise in Headless CMS that have the best editing experience and provide modern content management tools, making it efficient to maintain and update the site.

Scalable and Flexible

This will enable your website to handle higher traffic volumes, be esponsive while editing and for the public. Use of non CMS-specific development resources for the frontend makes changes cheaper and faster. Open source Headless CMS provides flexible hosting options

Headless CMS Migration

A headless CMS offers modern website building, enabling swift editing, seamless scaling, and efficient content management across multiple channels

Example: LECC Headless migration to NSW DDS

PretaGov collaborated with the NSW Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) to develop the most secure and user-friendly implementation of the NSW Digital Design system for Independent NSW Government websites.

The Result

By integrating the Headless CMS Plone Volto 6 block real-time editor with the Design system components, we created an open-source, secure solution which we open sourced for all NSW agencies.

Digital Transformation

We create user-centric full-stack apps, boosting efficiency with automation, workflow, and AI.

Example: NSW Swimming Pool Register

With a looming legislative enactment deadline, the Minister and Office of Local Government relied on PretaGov to design, build and scale a digital process for pool registration, inspection, and certification.
The regster is now owned by the Building Commission NSW

The result

This complex application is used by 128 local government organisations and 100s of private inspectors statewide.

Headless Collaboration Portals

Secure collaboration outside of your organisation with client portals, extranets, single sign on, encryption and easy file sharing.

The Multicultural Health Communications Service ( MHCS) needed to collborate with translators and clients on translations of large media files like videos, and do it seamlessly with emails outside the organisation.

The result

PretaGov tailored an open-source CMS to build Vaultmatix, a client portal streamlining the translation of extensive videos, documents, and files. This solution fosters seamless, branded collaboration between customer agencies and private translators.